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Dear Teacher

We are pleased to welcome you and your class to Nordic CRAFT. The purpose of Nordic CRAFT is for students to experience innovative and digital learning processes in close collaboration with a class from another Nordic country.


The course is built upon CRAFT's workflow, where students are taken seriously as problem solvers who can digitally “research”, “make” and “do” in the real world. Students build their suggestion for sustainable housing in recycled materials and receives feedback from their partner class.

With this catalog, we want to prepare you and your class for what will happen BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the kick-off webinar.

- Class preparation BEFORE the webinar (approx. 3 x 45 min)
- Program and student assignments DURING the webinar (November 17 from  12-14.30 CET)

- Expectations and opportunities AFTER the webinar. Participation in competition - read the evaluation criterias here

The webinar alternates between taking place

✶ ONLINE, where the hosts present the classes for academic content, initiate assignments and provide ongoingfeedback, and

✶WORK IN CLASS, where you as teacher are responsible for facilitating the processes and sharing the answers of the students to a digital wall - a padlet.


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The architectural firm Vandkunsten invites students to develop ideas and solutions to an authentic and realistic challenge:

The globe is challenged according to space and resources. One of the solutions is to rethink our way of living and our housing.
Based on sustainability principles, we need the class to come up with sustainable ideas for housing of the future. You will acquire knowledge before and during the webinar and use it to make a prototype of future sustainable houses. The houses must be presented in a digital product to your partner class after the webinar.

Teacher preparations

1. Get an overview of the whole process and your role as teacher by reading this paper and the teaching guides for RESEARCH, MAKE and DO. If you would like to know more about Nordic CRAFT please check craft-it.dk.


2. Get in contact with the teacher in your partner class and make appointments and match expectations for the collaboration. You will receive a mail nov. 3th with contact information etc.


3. Print student materials:


table webinar.PNG

4. Acquire materials: 3 white cardboards in A2, 3 different fruits with different shapes, 1 small knife, glue, scissors, crayons, recycled materials as milk cartons, newspaper, magazines, plastic buckets, wrap etc.

5. The following digital resources are used as process tools during the webinar:
www.etwinningdk.padlet.org/etwinningdk/2020 (padlet)
menti.com (you will get the code during the webinar)

6. Consider whether your class should participate in the competition.

7. If you have questions before, during or after the webinar, please use the Q&A at the padlet or contact your local CRAFT coordinator.

See you soon …

The Nordic Craft Team DK



- BEFORE webinar -


Link: Teaching guide for RESEARCH 

Understanding the Real-
Life Problem and the
needs of the recipients.



1. Say hi!
The class prepares to attend the webinar by researching the shape of the house, a chosen
location and the families, who shall live in the future houses.
The class introduces themselves to partner class in an online meeting eg. using eTwinning or Skype.


Products: 3 Mood Boards presenting the family, the
shape and location of the sustainable house.



Video: The mission by
Vandkunsten (link)

Hand out: Family (3
copies in A3) (link)


Poster: Mood Board
(1 copy in A3) (link)


Bring: 3 white cardboard in A2, a
small knife and 3 different fruits with different shapes (eg.
pear, apple, banana, pineapple).



- DURING webinar -


Link: Teaching guide for MAKE 

Creating many ideas together,
making prototypes and testing to improve solutions.



2. Build sustainable fruit houses of the future
The class works together building three different
sustainable fruit houses of the future for their families.
They will rethink the way of living and the functions of the house.


Product: 3 prototypes of Sustainable Future Houses
with a short description.

3. A call to action!
To achieve the sustainability goals, the class must improve their future homes even more by creating a community - A FRUIT CITY - where things and
functions are shared between families.


Product: The class discusses the possibilities and comes up with two suggestions for improvement and how to implement it.

4. Feedback
The class gives feedback to their partner class on their improvement-ideas.


Bring: 3 base plates, glue, scissors, crayons, etc.

Recycled materials eg. milk cartons, newspapers, magazins, plastic buckets, wrap.


Poster: TAG me! (1 copy in A3)



- AFTER webinar -


Link: Teaching guide for DO 

To present and implement
the solution to an authentic recipient and get feedback. 


5. Next steps
Arrange a meeting with your partner class to discuss the next steps of the Nordic CRAFT project.


How to:

  • Improve ideas and creating new prototypes

  • Share the sustainable houses with each other

  • Participate in the competition



Student materials
Mood Board
TAG me!
Teaching guides