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CRAFT er både et mindset, en didaktisk metode, en konkurrence samt et netværk af lærere, elever, konsulenter, skolechefer og -ledere. Styrelsen for It og Læring understøtter arbejdet med de tværgående temaer It og Medier samt Innovation og entreprenørskab bl.a. gennem netværksmøder, webinarer, samarbejder, materialer, miniprojekter og nye vinkler på eksisterende praksis. 

CRAFT handler om innovation, kreativitet, samarbejde og kommunikation, og om at løse store eller små vedkommende problemer fra den virkelige verden ved anvendelse af teknologi i såvel proces som produkt.

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The solution video contains


  • Presentation of the team

  • Description of the project you have worked with

  • What is your solution? Name of solution. Explain how to realize and maintain the solution. What is the value of your solution?

  • Show us the best feedback you got and how you put it into action


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Forside > Konkurrencer > Nordic BETT

Nordic BETT 2020 has been held. On this page you can read about the conditions for participating with classes in Nordic BETT.

You can also see pictures fro Nordic BETT 2020 and the solution and process videos produced by the students by visiting Student projects 2020.  


Nordic CRAFT - The Competition  


A Nordic CRAFT project is a collaboration between at least two classes in the nordic countries, who work together using the CRAFT method. The tool for collaboration and search for partners is eTwinning. In eTwinning you register your project,  add content etc.

In London you will meet with classes from the other nordic countries. The CRAFT team will guide and help you prepare for the presentation on stage. We will have fun and share experiences :). 


Nordic CRAFT is paying for flights and accommodation. Our finances cover one teacher and two students from each of the nordic countries. That means that the rest of the class cannot participate in London. For any questions regarding your national possibilities, please contact the national coordinator.


The contest

Record 2 videos (max 2 min. each). One showing the process and one your product/solution from your project. Please upload the videos in this folder at December 13th 2019 at the latest. The winners will be announced December 18th on the website. 



The process video contains

  • Description on how you've worked together

  • Which methods or tools do you use during the project 

  • What makes it good and not boring? 

  • Please let us know what can make the methods/tools better?


For inspiration have a look at the videos from BETT 2019


Evaluation criterias

The nordic CRAFT project will be evaluated according to the criterias:


  • Collaboration, use of ICT for learning and Problem Solving and Innovation


  • eTwinning: For the evaluation process you must have visible content and descriptions in your eTwinning Twinspace.


Download this document to read more about the criterias.