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Nordic CRAFT Kick Off Webinar 2020: Winners 



Teacher and school: Eva Larsen, Sønderrisskolen Aura


This project is a good example of cooperation. All the students have contributed to the product, and they have been interdependent on each other. When they had different opinions on the direction of the project, they solved it with a vote and followed the choice of the majority. The different projects made their house independently in a 3D tool, and they were then put into the same model. The final product was made of recyclable materials. 


The project is awarded especially for collaboration.


Teachers and school: Aske Bo Christensen / Ellen Burkarl, Parkskolen, Struer


This project shows, in a perfect way, the learning progress from individual (small group) ideas to a common product, - producing a prototype of a sustainable city with houses formed as an apple, coconut and a pineapple. Each house with their own unique sustainable solution. The students shows great reflections on sustainable solutions such as a 360 degrees moveable apple leave to produce power, 


The project is awarded especially for collaboration and sustainability.


Teacher and school: Preeti Gahlawat, Rödabergsskolan


In this project the students have some interesting and reflective solutions for reducing energy and resource consumption ranging from durable materials to water-turbines.  Some of these solutions are presented in a great and funny way using Minecraft.

They have also made an effort to put the solution into a real-world context.

This project is especially awarded for the collaboration. They seem to have been working together to find solutions. While watching the video, you get the impression of a good atmosphere among the students.


Teacher and school:  Serena Scully, IES Tyresö


The students project shows great reflections on sustainability including solar- and water energi.Building a house in the shape of a pear, showing iterations and a solar roof (Glass roof). Growing your own vegetables with rain water. Great prototype and communication is done by the students.This project is especially awarded for the reflections and telling on sustainability.


Teacher and school: Disha Saxena, IES KISTA


The students have made a house shaped as an orange because there is a lot of space inside and they have created the house with different sustainable purposes  like solar panels, a windmill, the use of LED lamps, recycle water tank with solar heater and recycling bins. The students also emphasize the value of health by encouraging the habitants to be healthy by doing things indoors and outdoors like walking, playing ping pong, a community organic vegetable garden but also do yoga. Furthermore the students have been taking the pandemic situation in consideration and have therefore created a specific room for working from home to have the preferred tranquility needed and to be able to close door of the work when the working day is over.  The group has a focus on, and documentation of, the solution reducing resource and energy consumption such as water,  plastic, economy in both the production, application and future possibilities of reutilisation. The problem is a real-world problem. The group can explain,that their main decisions have involved the whole group, but their work is not interdependent. The students have used ICT to collaborate and the use of ICT has supported their learning and process well. The use of ICT has made a difference. The project is awarded especially for their developed thinking regarding sustainability.


Teacher and school: Bodil K. Shierbeck, Ukaliusaq Skolen


The project result consists of three different houses with solutions, e.g. to reuse snow/rain-water. The water is collected in tanks and with the help of generators and filters it is purified for recycling for using in the homes. The solutions have been presented as a group of houses in the tool Minecraft, but the group has also built analog models to visualize the houses in cross sections.


The project is awarded especially for their good joint work with Minecraft and further for having made an analog model to additionally clarify their ideas, 

The Class has also shown that they have collaborated as a whole group when they created their version of fruit city using minecraft. The Class have tried to take advantage of the cold climate fx. how they can reuse the snow.


Teacher and school: Dan Normann, Avanersuup Atuarfia


This student group used ICT for learning and designing their house prototypes, taking knowledge from their cultural background - where traditionally houses were built with different materials from most modern housing today. More importantly, they put emphasis on sustainability. This they demonstrated by growing plants from seeds and showed how sustainability can even be attained in places such as their hometown where there are 116 days of darkness in winter.


CRAFT er både et mindset, en didaktisk metode, en konkurrence samt et netværk af lærere, elever, konsulenter, skolechefer og -ledere. CRAFT understøtter arbejdet med de tværgående temaer It og Medier samt Innovation og entreprenørskab bl.a. gennem netværksmøder, webinarer, samarbejder, materialer, miniprojekter og nye vinkler på eksisterende praksis. 

CRAFT handler om innovation, kreativitet, samarbejde og kommunikation, og om at løse store eller små vedkommende problemer fra den virkelige verden ved anvendelse af teknologi i såvel proces som produkt.


OBS: CRAFT lukkede i juni 2020. CRAFTs hjemmeside vil dog være tilgængelig, således at materialer mv. kan tilgås. CRAFTs Facebook gruppe vil også bestå mht. videndeling i gruppen, men udenfor STILs domæne.

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