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Nordic CRAFT Kick Off Webinar 2019



You can see the webinar-program here as well as the invitations and the materials used before, during and after the webinar. Stay tuned on www.craft-it.dk for upcoming webinars!

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Announcement: the winners of the competition to present their project at Nordic BETT 2020 in London has been found:


Read more about the winners and their projects below. 

Read more about Bett 2020 here.


School: Niels Steensens Gymnasium (grundskolen)

Teacher: Morten Samsø Smidth

Evaluation: The way the students will try to make their families more climate-smart is to make a device that turns off all the light and electronics in the house, that could be considered unused energy. When you are not home or not in the room the device turns off the lights and other electronics. They settled on this idea after several discussions in class, where everyone got the chance to share their point of view and after receiving feedback from their partner class from Iceland, which was a great succes. The students were thinking of smart and innovative ideas to present the product and they created a prototype of the device using an Arduino board, which gives a great representation of the concept. 

faroe islands

School: Skála Skúll

Teachers: Andriasa Dam Joensen og Emil Jacobsen

Evaluation: The videos show that the class has been good at collaborating. The students show much enthusiasm and creativity and have even managed a solution in two parts: Fabric bags and a recipe blog. Through the research phase they found some interesting findings and have used these to develop ideas. The ideas have also been through a collaboration-phase with their nordic partner team. The video gives you the feeling that the class has had a good learning experience and have enjoyed the process of working with Nordic Craft. 


School: Havukosken koulu


Teachers: Esa Oila og Nina Mattson

Evaluation: Solution video shows: Project name (TMF=Too Much Food) + the theme which is food leftovers + a model for an app showing TMF points where one can donate food and needing people can pick it up. Process video shows: both class and Nordic collaboration, problem solving by several surveys and feedback gathering. One gets the feeling that the strength of their collaboration lies in the problem solving and innovation part of the process. They even took planning and theory to practice and experimented with serving excess food. Thinking outside the school environment locally and seeing an even larger potential is brought forward. 


School: Nuuk internationale friskole


Teacher:  Melissa Hansen

Evaluation: The "Food Waste Reduce app" has shown that they have researched, collaborated and received feedback with the other country, they have solved the task creatively and innovatively where they involve ICT (prototype using little bits and app development)


School: Vallaskóli

Teacher: Már Ingólfur

Evaluation: The team came up with an idea of an app that reduces food waste and developed the app The Kitchen Helper that helps you use your food in a better way. In the app you can store information about what you have in your refrigerator, either by taking a photo of the fridge or the receipt at the store. It lets you know when certain things in the fridge are nearing the use by date and recommends how to use it. You can create a menu in the app for the week or month and get suggestions about how to use the food you already have. You can create a profile and link to social media and set preferences for specific diets.


The team worked very well and efficiently where they showed great collaboration in selecting the best idea out of many – ideas that ranged from a similar app to a smart fridge – and developing it as a team with the help of their partner class in Denmark.


School: Gjettum skole

Teacher: Kristine Østby

Evaluation: Inspired by the show "The Food Shock" the class researched a food waste reduction app. The've come up with multiple solutions. The students have focused on how they can help their parents become better at using the food they have in the fridge and not going to the store and buy food when they can use what they already have. 


School: Rödabergsskolan


Teacher: Preeti Gahlawat

Evaluation: Your team had an energy and an engagement that was very invigorative and they showed a lot of collaboration both within the class but also with your class from Finland. The students have chosen a real life problem that is within reach for them to really make an impact and who knows where it will end? The school next door to yours might want to do the same thing, they might come up with a digital solution that they can spread and so on. There are a lot of potential still that they can develop if they like.

Åland Islands

School: Vikingaåsens skola


Teacher:  Siw Kyrkslätt

Evaluation: The team worked targeted and creative but do not have a prototype yet. They know all what they have worked on, have made decisions together and they have improved the solution through they process and in collaboration with the nordic team. They are going to develop the idea together with a company. 

Important dates for the webinar 2019

Friday, November 15th: You will receive an email with all the information needed to participate. 


Monday, November 18th (at the latest): If not already a member, sign up as a member on the eTwinning portal. (It is in the eTwinning portal you will collaborate with your partner class). Once becoming a member, we* will guide you to setup up your new workplace: Twinspace


Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th: Setup a short online meeting with your new partner class in Twinspace and work with your first task (2x45 minutes). The task will be available on the website on November 25th at the latest.


Friday, November 29: Webinar-KickOff


*For any help regarding eTwinning please contact you national support service. For questions regarding Nordic CRAFT contact your local coordinator.

If you want to read about CRAFT as a concept before the seminar, you can read about it here.

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